Aug 8, 2007

Not Dirtty—Try Despicable

I'm sorry, but this is fucked up. First of all, doggy fashion is a bit retarded any way you look at it. Some ensembles are too ridiculous to not find endearing (e.g., the sequined lavender leg warmers I bought for my grandmother's poodle), but let's face it—dog outfits are just tiny travesties. Putting a grill (jesus, I can't even type the word without wanting to put air quotes around it—I hate those things) on a dog is horrendous. It's bad enough that most pit bulls have to wear muzzles; why blingify the muzzle and turn what should be a negative (the fact that your dog is required to be muzzled) and masquerade it as a positive attribute (your dog is all ferocious and ghetto-fabulous)? I don't like the glorification of violence (not to mention conspicuous consumption), and this is precisely what Dirtty Bones does. To dogs who, no matter how fierce, can't fight against horrid and demeaning wardrobe choices.

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