Nov 28, 2007

Toys for (Spoiled) Tots

If you have a) oodles of cash and b) a certain little someone who you long to spoil, I've got some awesome suggestions.

Let's face it: We all want a Pleo of our own. At least I know I do.

Alternately, if Pleo's out of your price range, you could opt for one of the FurReal Friends. Some of them are pretty cute. The pony might be a bit much, though.

If you want a beautifully constructed, classic stuffed toy, you can't go wrong with Steiff. My pick is Admiral the Penguin.

For a more active sort of kid/kid at heart, check out this rad folding sled; it's nuts (and looks like the Terminator).

And if you must encourage the budding geeks, how about a authentic(ish) lightsaber?

Just don't get this scary-ass Robotic Panda. Eek.

Nov 27, 2007

For Problem Drinkers

Let's kick off this gift guide, shall we?

No, that's not just a euphemism for lushes. I'm talking about anyone who must have a beverage of some sort at all know who you are. Whether they're coffee fiends or just trying to stay well-hydrated, they need that mug/bottle/whatever in hand constantly. Consider how wasteful it is, then, to buy and then dispose of cardboard coffee cups and plastic water bottles, when a reusable container would serve quite well. Here are my picks for the beverage junkies on your Christmas list.

For the tea lover, this travel mug with infuser lets you brew loose tea on the go. Very handy.

Practically any travel mug will do for coffee, provided it has a tight-fitting lid (preferably screw-on), is rugged enough to stand daily wear and tear, and won't leach chemicals into your drink (quick guide: recycling codes 2, 4, and 5 are safe). The steel mugs may look all industrial and sleek, but I find they scratch easily. Why not go for something spiffy but utilitarian? I like the sparkly kind like this one (though the sparkles don't show up in the photo, it's very snazzy in person).

Thanks to Slate's handy guide to reusable water bottles, I've come to two water bottle-related conclusions: Sigg for the gym, Platypus for everyday/everywhere else.

Okay, and if you are a lush, here's a witty little flask (note: I said witty, not cheap) that should serve your drinking needs. Though an intervention may be a healthier option.

Nov 26, 2007

Green Giant

No, I'm not just referring to the color of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree—this year it'll be strung with 30,000 LEDs to make for a more energy-efficient holiday season. It's a start....

Nov 20, 2007

If you've don't mind spending lavishly (and want to make a big, memorable impact), splash out on one of these LumiGram fiber optic tablecloths. I don't know what they look like in daylight, but they're stunning in the dark. They come equipped with European plugs, though, so you have to contact the company to have a U.S. plug attached instead.

A Pre-Thanksgiving Message From the Pinup

Sorry I've been AWOL, but the real job has been unbelievably busy. I was beginning to feel like I should have just been sleeping in the office. For reals. Anyway, the work-related insanity is over...and the Thanksgiving-related insanity is about to begin. So there will be no posts for the rest of the week. However, I shall use the lull to dig up some truly excellent goodies for the gift guide.

So have a happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the tryptophan; it's okay to be lazy post-turkey-consumption, as this li'l guy will remind you.

Nov 15, 2007

Ho Ho No

Surely this is a joke: Some Australian Santa Clauses have been told to say "ha ha ha" instead of "ho ho ho," as the latter may be offensive to women. You've got to be freaking kidding me. The only way I'd take offense is if Santa pointed at me and said, "Bitch, you're a ho ho ho." And even then I'd probably forgive him if he gave me some really good presents.

Nov 14, 2007

Family Matters

So I'm confused: Who wrote these Seth MacFarlane-less episodes of Family Guy? And if Seth MacFarlane's not involved, who the hell is providing the voices for, oh, half the characters?

Oh, and the baby's not named Stewis Griffin, people. Not sure who to blame for that typo, but my inner spelling Nazi won't let it slide.

Nov 13, 2007

The 25 Most Baffling Toys From Around the World

Okay, I'm not sure these are the 25 most baffling toys ever, but they're certainly on the list. Needless to say, don't buy them for any impressionable children. I can think of a few adults who might appreciate them, but only ironically, like how most of us enjoy Journey.

Nov 9, 2007

My Goodness, My Guinness!

Boy, Guinness adverts have come a long way since that toucan balanced a beer on his beak. Check it out.

Nov 8, 2007

New in Frivolous Lawsuits

Let's get this out of the way: If you wear your hair covered and you refuse to remove said covering (be it a hat, a headscarf, or a frickin' Viking helmet), don't expect hair salons to clamor to hire you. They won't. And then, after you've been passed over by 24 salon owners, don't sue the 25th when she doesn't hire you either. Oh, and don't pull the "I'm being persecuted because of my religion!" act. How a stylist wears her own hair is one of the best indications of the quality of the salon; if I don't want to go to a hairdresser with a bad '80s perm or a mullet, I sure as hell don't want to go to someone whose hair I can't even see. Sorry, lady. Maybe you should apply for a job in a salon whose clientele wears headscarves.

Nov 6, 2007


Returned from a mini-vacation on Sunday and have totally not recombobulated myself yet. Just yesterday I thought to myself, "Ooh, it's nearly time to start the Holiday Gift Guide! But not until November." I then realized that it was already November 5th. So I guess I'd better get in gear. How else will you know what you want for Christmas?

While I start sorting through the present possibilities, dividing the covetable from the craptastic, you get to watch this: the worst way to learn English ever.