Nov 27, 2007

For Problem Drinkers

Let's kick off this gift guide, shall we?

No, that's not just a euphemism for lushes. I'm talking about anyone who must have a beverage of some sort at all know who you are. Whether they're coffee fiends or just trying to stay well-hydrated, they need that mug/bottle/whatever in hand constantly. Consider how wasteful it is, then, to buy and then dispose of cardboard coffee cups and plastic water bottles, when a reusable container would serve quite well. Here are my picks for the beverage junkies on your Christmas list.

For the tea lover, this travel mug with infuser lets you brew loose tea on the go. Very handy.

Practically any travel mug will do for coffee, provided it has a tight-fitting lid (preferably screw-on), is rugged enough to stand daily wear and tear, and won't leach chemicals into your drink (quick guide: recycling codes 2, 4, and 5 are safe). The steel mugs may look all industrial and sleek, but I find they scratch easily. Why not go for something spiffy but utilitarian? I like the sparkly kind like this one (though the sparkles don't show up in the photo, it's very snazzy in person).

Thanks to Slate's handy guide to reusable water bottles, I've come to two water bottle-related conclusions: Sigg for the gym, Platypus for everyday/everywhere else.

Okay, and if you are a lush, here's a witty little flask (note: I said witty, not cheap) that should serve your drinking needs. Though an intervention may be a healthier option.

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