Dec 12, 2007

Cycle in Style

Apparently many people know how to ride bikes. I'm not one of those people, but I greatly respect them and their balance. Anyway, I've stumbled across some cool bike accessories that I thought I should share with the cyclists out there.

If you think a delicate, ladylike bike is in order, deck it out with one of these lacy "Carrie" baskets. Very sweet. At the other extreme we've got this awesomely badass skull helmet. Now, in truth, it's meant to be worn by motorcyclists. However, if you can pull this off on a bike or scooter, you are way more hardcore than most. And probably have a highly developed sense of humor. And likely idolized Skeletor during your formative years. Between badass and girly lie the stupidly named Hokey Spokes, light-up gewgaws for your spokes. People will see you in the dark! You can spell messages! Fun for the whole family! Finally, these wing bike clips are a) a great idea and b) really cute. They keep your pants from getting caught in the pedals or chain or whatever it is that your pants can get caught on. Plus they're reflective, which can again help with the whole riding-at-night experience. And they look like wings! Come on—what more could you want?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The wings are way better than all of my usual stolen-from-the-office methods combined (the rubber band, the safety pin, and the ever-popular large binder clip). And if I ever do manage to get a pink scooter like I've been wanting, I'm going to give serious consideration to pairing it with a skull helmet. Awesome. -K