Aug 25, 2009

Dirty Rock

Honestly, not too many things are on my must-see list when it comes to porn. There was Pirates, of course, and Re-Penetrator sounds hilarious, though I haven't yet seen it...but 30 Rock: An XXX Parody has just made the list.

Sure, it doesn't actually star Tina Fey and the hairpieces on the characters based on Pete and Frank are appalling, but the Tracy Jordan character (renamed "Trey Jordan") is spot-on. I foresee hilarity.

And nudity. Lots of that.


Anonymous said...

Oh, lord. You do realize that's the gal from Nailin' Palin, right? Well, this really was the most natural career move.

pinup said...

So I've heard. Didn't manage to catch that one, though. As I mentioned, few pornos make it onto my must-see list. :-)