Aug 28, 2009

Good Shoes for Kicking Ass

I have to say that I am a big fan of both of these shoe designs (both by Jeffrey Campbell). When you're going for the punk princess look, here's the Mel, all studs and stones:

If your look is a little more high-end whips 'n' chains, you might opt for the Posh 2, which keeps Mel's crystals but swaps the studs for chain:

And no, I can't fathom why both designs are named after Spice Girls. Seems a bit late for that, no?


Audrey James said...

I am looking for the best walking shoes in the market for 2016.

Jennifer said...

Great and nice post.You talk about women shoes.we know that shoes is best things to protect plantar be careful.thanks for this post.

Kristine A said...

Wow, these looked nice but is it easy to walk wearing these? I bought a studded sandals way back and it was so painful I had to remove them.