Aug 24, 2009

Here Comes the Sun in Wearable Form

Mixko is always coming up with whimsical, wondrous new baubles. First there was the delicate, airy English Summer necklace, which won me over in a heartbeat. I bought it...then my mom saw mine and wanted it, so I bought her one of her own...then my grandmother saw my mom's and wanted it, so my mom and I bought her one.

Well, their new necklace, Here Comes the Sun, is equally charming. Naturally, I want it.

And best of all, I just discovered (via NOTCOT) that Mixko has an Etsy shop, which is a much more convenient and cost-effective option than ordering from their UK website as I've done in the past. Absolutely everything about the Here Comes the Sun necklace—the overall design, the title, the sweet little details—is darling. I want to order it immediately! And it's quite reasonably priced at $30, too.

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