Aug 16, 2009

Ruby Replicas

Do you know how exciting this is? Speaking as someone who has wanted—and tried to acquire—ruby slippers ever since I began wearing shoes, I cannot overstate my excitement at discovering that some brilliant and talented seller on Etsy called Cybertosh is handmaking and selling wearable replica ruby slippers. Now, throughout the years I've managed to amass an assortment of ruby slipper-like shoes (red glitter flats, red glitter platforms, red sequined mary janes, red sequined pumps, etc.), but these beauties are nearly exact replicas of the originals worn by Judy Garland in the film. Oh, and she'll make them in whatever size you want. And, if red isn't your thing, she also makes the same shoe in other colors like pink, silver, blue, and green. All pretty awesome. And only $99, which isn't bad considering they're handmade and fabulous!

Maybe I could wrangle a pair for my birthday or Christmas this year. Yeah, that's thinking ahead!

Via Shoewawa.

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