Aug 20, 2009

Sita Sings the Blues (But You Won't)

Sita Sings the Blues is a brilliant film; it's a clever concept (an animated, musical retelling of the Ramayana), visually stunning, and beautifully scored. It's also free. Animator Nina Paley created this remarkable movie, setting a pastiche of animation styles against the vocals of 1920s-era singer Annette Hanshaw, and released it under a Creative Commons Share Alike license...which landed her in a world o' trouble. Seems that there were still copyrights on the Annette Hanshaw songs, and the copyright holders wanted an average of $20,000 per song. Well, Paley and the copyright holders negotiated a flat fee of $50,000, Paley borrowed the money, and the film is out of copyright jail. So download it (it's allowed!) or buy the dvd. It's a must. Here's a glimpse (but don't watch the whole thing on YouTube—you need a big screen and high resolution to fully appreciate it):

And then, once you've been won over, as you inevitably will be, buy some merchandise! (I love the tees and camis.)

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Jay said...

Sita sings the blues grest movie,excellent animation and Music by Annette Hanshaw.Now available on DVD! Get it from Amazon or Netflix