Sep 11, 2009

Butter Me Up

I'm totally in lust with butter LONDON. Their polishes—excuse me, laquers (they're Brits, after all)̬are spectacular. Not only are they 3 Free (nontoxic and free of formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate, or DBP), the colors are freaking gorgeous. I don't think I've bought another brand since I discovered butter LONDON perhaps a year ago. Be forewarned: Not all the colors look the same in person as they do on the website. (Mariner, for instance, is a near-black navy, not the almost electric blue pictured on the site.) Still, they're fabulous. I'd been looking for the perfect shade of gold for literally years—everything I'd found was too yellow, too copper, or too glittery instead of uniformly metallic—but The Full Monty is perfect. (Again, don't trust the color on the site, which looks nearly silver.) I just put Chancer on my toes, and it is spectacular. Like the ruby slippers in liquid form. And now I'm being sorely tempted by Rock Off, as my heels are in dreadful condition, even post-buffing, sanding, moisturizing, etc.

And yes, sadly, butter LONDON products are rather on the pricey side, especially if you're having them shipped from the UK. But hell, a) the products are worth it, b) they have some great sales, and c) if you care about color, durability, and lack of toxic chemicals, you'll wind up only buying from butter. It's probably worth it to spend $40 in one pop on quality instead of picking up six or seven polishes that are toxic and not quite the right color at the drugstore throughout the year.

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