Sep 24, 2009

Halloween Handicrafts

Halloween is fast approaching—you can tell by the number of pop-up costume shops and the racks of slutty polyester attire in Ricky's. (As opposed to the polyester slut attire, which is always kept with the dildos and penis-shaped bachelorette party supplies in the little room behind the beaded curtain.)

Anyway, if you're considering hosting a party this Halloween, or just want to get into the spirit of the holiday, check out Horror Decor. Some of it's a bit tacky (and yes, this is coming from a girl with a 5-foot-tall dancing karaoke skeleton who's inexplicably dressed like a pimp—I named him Carl), but some of it is quite clever. I particularly like the Zombie Attack Lamp Shade and the Bloody Footprint Bath Mat (sadly sold out on Horror Decor's Etsy shop. Everything's handmade, which is always a plus, but that does mean that you have to order soon to make sure your items arrive before the Great Pumpkin does...although I bet you could DIY a few of the items. Ooh, I smell projects! (As if I didn't have enough to do.)

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