Sep 2, 2009

A Post About Boiling Water (Really)

It's no secret that I'm a big proponent of electric kettles. I became accustomed to using one while studying abroad in England during college and became a convert. Trust the Brits with all matters related to tea. (Sushi, no. Tea, yes.) For some reason we've been slow to catch on across the pond, but I felt rather vindicated when Slate's Seth Stevenson reached a like conclusion about the electric kettle's superiority to its stovetop counterpart.

Now comes the kitchen gadget porn.

This race car of a kettle is the Vera Electric Kettle by Bugatti. (No, I didn't know Bugatti made kettles either. A bit odd, no?) It's sleek, techy, sexy as hell...and $300.

Guess I'll be sticking with the electric kettle I already own. And maybe Bugatti should consider sticking to cars and boats.

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