Oct 29, 2009

Candy Corn Cones

So cool. A street artist aptly named Diabetik is leaving traffic cones painted to look like giant candy corn around Washington, D.C. Seldom do I wish I were in D.C., but this is one of those rare times....

I also have a total candy corn craving now.

Via BoingBoing.

Oct 28, 2009

Fugly Fashion and Hilarious Haiku

Dammit. I realized on Monday morning that I'd missed my chance to enter the what is hopefully the first of many Freaky Fug Fridays. I had a haiku all ready to go, but wanted to take some time to mull it over...and totally missed the window of opportunity. Oh well. This was to be my submission, in case you're curious:

ode to hanging chads
you may be a "Lady," but
Ted did it better

Anyway, a winner was chosen, although I have to say that I preferred some of the other entries, which were hilarious. Here are a few from the comments:

Lady, "peerage" does
not mean squinting into holes
for Vicky's secrets.

Stretched satin ballot
With hanging chads aplenty
I cast my vote: no

So I'm just a guy.
Yeah, over here in the jeans.
She is not my date.

Oct 27, 2009

Spiffy Ceramic/Swarovski Skulls

Oh lord, I'm flogging Mixko again. Can I help it if they make awesome jewelry? Anyway, I've just found my (affordable) answer to the rather more extravagant skull rings by Dior Joallerie and Wendy Brandes. Now I just have to decide what color Swarovski crystal eyes I want....

Oct 26, 2009

The Hills Could Be Alive Again!

This makes me so happy I could cry. A team at MIT has developed a procedure for creating synthetic vocal cords to repair those that have been damaged. Their tests involve surgically removing damaged portions of vocal cords, then injecting a nontoxic polyethelene glycol gel into those sections in order to rebuild the vocal cords. So far the team is still testing on animals, but results have been encouraging.

Now this is obviously a very promising advance, but why am I stupidly happy about it? Because the team is working with Dr. Steven Zeitels, Julie Andrews' laryngeal surgeon. That means that at some point in the future, Julie Andrews might be able to sing again. And anyone who has ever watched The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, Victor Victoria, Star!, or Thoroughly Modern Millie wants this woman to sing again. She ain't a Dame for nothing.

I saw her perform in the 1995 Broadway adaptation of Victor Victoria, where she was still in fabulous form, despite being 60 at the time. I wanted to adopt her as my grandmother then and there. Here, watch Dame Julie in her prime, in a scene from the 1982 film Victor Victoria:

Oct 22, 2009

DIY Creepy Candles

Oy. It's been one helluva week. Busy, busy. So here's a quickie today. More Halloween inspiration (and a super-simple DIY at that), from good ol' Martha: Creepy Candles.

Oct 21, 2009

With Skulls on Her Fingers...

Oy. Was incredibly busy yesterday and never got around to posting. And I've got a wealth of post ideas waiting in the wings...just didn't have the time. Anyway, you're getting these beauties a day late, but they're worth the wait.

This is the spectacular Kings and Queens Collection from Dior Joaillerie. This blog shows a nice selection of the pieces; take a gander. And I thought the Onyx Skull Ring I blogged about earlier was ornate! No, these take the proverbial cake. And not one of those sad little cake wrecks, either. More like a six-tier elaborate-ass wedding cake adorned with fondant flowers and a vintage cake topper and maybe some edible gold leaf. I mean, come on, take another look:

Of course I'm going to suggest that they'd make perfect baubles for this Halloween season. (Is that a real phrase? Halloween season? Sounds a little odd. Whatever. It's a phrase now.) And no, I'm not even going to speculate on price. Astronomical, probably. Here, soothe yourselves with another peek:


Oct 19, 2009

Grammar Nerds Unite!

I think it's just a given that I need these Grammar Nerd Corrective Labels. If you know me, even slightly, you'll immediately recognize how useful I would find these. Ooh, and you save a dollar if you buy a three-pack! Pedantic and thrifty!

Thanks, Christine! (She's well acquainted with my grammar fascism.)

Oct 16, 2009

Not-So-Subtle Luxury

Now this is an intense ring. One-of-a-kind, fabulously detailed, and set with diamonds inside the freaking band (for "the ultimate in subtle luxury"), it's obviously awesome and bound to be exorbitantly expensive. "Price available on request" is always code for "you can't afford it." Were it not prohibitively pricey, it'd make a fabulous piece of Halloween bling, though. As is, I suppose I'm going to have to pass.


Oct 15, 2009

More Pumpkinny Deliciousness

Martha Stewart returns with Jack-o'-Lantern Tarts, which look as adorable as they are delicious. Or vice versa. Not sure. Haven't tried them, but my point is that they're cute and sound incredibly tasty.

Now here's the big news: There's an entire blog devoted to creating the perfect pumpkin waffles. Awesome. The only downside is that I don't have a waffle iron ever since my Powerpuff Girls one broke when I shipped it cross-country.

Via TasteSpotting.

Oct 14, 2009

Creepy Cocktails and Spooky Spirits

Know who's a wealth of information/inspiration every Halloween? It's probably not the first name you think of...who would be, I dunno, Vincent Price? He's holiday-appropriate too, but not the person I mean. Nope, it's good ol' Martha Stewart. Now I know I've already linked to her Spooky Halloween Spirits, but a) I'm pretty sure some are new concoctions (Blood-Red Hot Chocolate, Swamp Sips, etc.), and b) I found a great site from which to buy lab equipment—all the better to serve your creepy cocktails.

So go on. Get concocting.

Oct 13, 2009

Autumny Nummy

It is the time of year when I strongly desire that everything I eat and drink contain at least trace amounts of pumpkin. Today I found two recipes that I'm looking forward to testing out: pumpkin french toast and roasted pumpkin slices. Especially the pumpkin slices.

Of course, considering the lack of food in my kitchen at present, I probably shouldn't be looking at deliciousness, which is making me salivate. In fact, I should probably be placing a FreshDirect order. Think I'll do that right now.

Via TasteSpotting.

Oct 7, 2009

Lobster- and Alien-Influenced Footwear

So everyone has something to say about the bizarre, otherworldly, alien footwear of Alexander McQueen's Spring 2010 collection. I love The Cut's description of one pair as "fancy couture disco lobster claws," which seems pretty apt. (Here's Shoewawa's take.)I seriously wonder how the models walked in them, what with their twiggy little legs. These are elaborate 10-inch clunkers—surely they're heavy!

So they're undoubtedly art (or "art," if you prefer—I'm on the fence), but will anyone wear them? For the sake of good taste and women's ankles everywhere, I certainly hope not.

Oct 6, 2009

As If a Jumpsuit Weren't Bad Enough

Rick Owens is brilliant at draping. Some of his pieces are absolutely magnificent, and I covet them. I covet them so hard. Not, however, this monstrosity.

I feel dirty for even looking at this. It's like the model is wearing her genitals on the outside. On the outside of an ugly-ass jumpsuit, to be precise. This...garment should be convicted of crimes against humanity, that poor model (who's no doubt delighted her head's been cropped out of the picture), and fashion.

Via The Fashion Police, who are just as horrified as I.

Oct 5, 2009

Le Rituel

Ooh, this might be just the thing for a special occasion. Have a feeling it's quite expensive, but probably less than a pair of Louboutins. (And, given the choice, I'd still take the shoes.) Regardless, this is a lovely boxed set. Très chic, très romantique.


Oct 2, 2009

Peacock Pins*

Please forgive yesterday's lack of post. I was a tad busy and just didn't have a chance to dig up anything appropriately avian (but I found something nifty—and non-bird-related—for next week).

Anyway, to cap off Bird Week, buy some of these tights. I have them in brown, adore them, and am seriously considering investing in a pair of fuchsia. Or black. Or maybe gold. (Don't misunderstand—I like the grey and teal, too, but I think they're my least favorite color choices.)

A word of warning to all the vertically challenged ladies out there, though: Be prepared to wear a fairly short skirt with these tights if you want the entire feather design to show. The tippy-top keeps getting cut off by my hem because I am so bloody short. Still, it's not as though you'd be exposing a scandalous amount of bare leg, as it'd be demurely (and decoratively covered with colorful feathery tights.

*Yeah, I know nobody in the US calls legs "pins." But I liked the alliteration, so suck it.