Oct 28, 2009

Fugly Fashion and Hilarious Haiku

Dammit. I realized on Monday morning that I'd missed my chance to enter the what is hopefully the first of many Freaky Fug Fridays. I had a haiku all ready to go, but wanted to take some time to mull it over...and totally missed the window of opportunity. Oh well. This was to be my submission, in case you're curious:

ode to hanging chads
you may be a "Lady," but
Ted did it better

Anyway, a winner was chosen, although I have to say that I preferred some of the other entries, which were hilarious. Here are a few from the comments:

Lady, "peerage" does
not mean squinting into holes
for Vicky's secrets.

Stretched satin ballot
With hanging chads aplenty
I cast my vote: no

So I'm just a guy.
Yeah, over here in the jeans.
She is not my date.

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