Oct 2, 2009

Peacock Pins*

Please forgive yesterday's lack of post. I was a tad busy and just didn't have a chance to dig up anything appropriately avian (but I found something nifty—and non-bird-related—for next week).

Anyway, to cap off Bird Week, buy some of these tights. I have them in brown, adore them, and am seriously considering investing in a pair of fuchsia. Or black. Or maybe gold. (Don't misunderstand—I like the grey and teal, too, but I think they're my least favorite color choices.)

A word of warning to all the vertically challenged ladies out there, though: Be prepared to wear a fairly short skirt with these tights if you want the entire feather design to show. The tippy-top keeps getting cut off by my hem because I am so bloody short. Still, it's not as though you'd be exposing a scandalous amount of bare leg, as it'd be demurely (and decoratively covered with colorful feathery tights.

*Yeah, I know nobody in the US calls legs "pins." But I liked the alliteration, so suck it.

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