Oct 26, 2009

The Hills Could Be Alive Again!

This makes me so happy I could cry. A team at MIT has developed a procedure for creating synthetic vocal cords to repair those that have been damaged. Their tests involve surgically removing damaged portions of vocal cords, then injecting a nontoxic polyethelene glycol gel into those sections in order to rebuild the vocal cords. So far the team is still testing on animals, but results have been encouraging.

Now this is obviously a very promising advance, but why am I stupidly happy about it? Because the team is working with Dr. Steven Zeitels, Julie Andrews' laryngeal surgeon. That means that at some point in the future, Julie Andrews might be able to sing again. And anyone who has ever watched The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, Victor Victoria, Star!, or Thoroughly Modern Millie wants this woman to sing again. She ain't a Dame for nothing.

I saw her perform in the 1995 Broadway adaptation of Victor Victoria, where she was still in fabulous form, despite being 60 at the time. I wanted to adopt her as my grandmother then and there. Here, watch Dame Julie in her prime, in a scene from the 1982 film Victor Victoria:

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