Oct 21, 2009

With Skulls on Her Fingers...

Oy. Was incredibly busy yesterday and never got around to posting. And I've got a wealth of post ideas waiting in the wings...just didn't have the time. Anyway, you're getting these beauties a day late, but they're worth the wait.

This is the spectacular Kings and Queens Collection from Dior Joaillerie. This blog shows a nice selection of the pieces; take a gander. And I thought the Onyx Skull Ring I blogged about earlier was ornate! No, these take the proverbial cake. And not one of those sad little cake wrecks, either. More like a six-tier elaborate-ass wedding cake adorned with fondant flowers and a vintage cake topper and maybe some edible gold leaf. I mean, come on, take another look:

Of course I'm going to suggest that they'd make perfect baubles for this Halloween season. (Is that a real phrase? Halloween season? Sounds a little odd. Whatever. It's a phrase now.) And no, I'm not even going to speculate on price. Astronomical, probably. Here, soothe yourselves with another peek:


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