Nov 6, 2009

Shoes (Red and Retail)

So I'm not the only person out there still buying shoes, even in this craptacular economy. (Only when it's a good sale, though, I swear! And only occasionally.) According to the Times, shoe sales are on the rise. I'll buy it. Not that I would have expected it, but it doesn't seem out of left field. Here's the part that does seem out of left field:

Among the more curious explanations proffered for the relative strength of shoe sales is that women—who make up the lion’s share of the American shoe market—get an emotional lift from shoe shopping in a way they do not when trying on jeans and cocktail dresses.

“Shoes democratize fashion,” said Kathryn Finney, who writes the Budget Fashionista blog. “You probably can’t buy a Zac Posen dress if you wear a size 14, but you can buy a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes.”

Of course shoe shopping is more fun than trying on jeans! Or practically any other wearable item. Yep, it largely is the size thing, plus the not having to wait in line for a damn fitting room, the fact that you can probably afford a pair of good shoes when you can't necessarily afford a dress of the same quality, and...well, any number of reasons. So why would this Times writer consider it a "curious explanation"? My guess was that the writer's a man. Nope. Stephanie Rosenbloom. She's not a man. She's just thin enough that jean shopping probably isn't an ordeal. I hate her already.

And now for the good news, related only in that it pertains to shoes: The Red Shoes has been restored and is showing at Film Forum. Go see it. That's my plan.

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