Dec 15, 2009

Fill Our Christmas Socks

...with whisky drinks and chocolate bars, just as Sleater-Kinney suggests.

So I initially was holding off on posting these, thinking that they'd make perfect gifts...but someone who shall remain nameless recently decided to cut back on his sugar intake. Probably so he doesn't wind up like this guy.

Okay, there's a bit more logic to his decision than that, but I wanted an excuse to post feline Wilford Brimley. Regardless, I won't be getting him any sweets this year.

However, I shall now share with you these delectable suggestions beyond the usual Christmas cookies. How about some boozy delights in the form Single Malt Scotch Bars? Or, while we're on the whisky train of thought, what about Hazelnut Chocolate Whisky Sandwich Cookies? If whisky isn't your thing, perhaps the Pumpkin Pie Candy Bar is more up your alley. All I know is that I would gladly accept (and probably immediately gorge myself on) any of the three. Oh, and consider pairing one of the whisky edibles with a potable companion to really make someone's Christmas.

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