Dec 11, 2009

A Very KitchenAid Christmas

Here are some solid suggestions to start the 2009 holiday gift guide. Presumably your friends already own (or perhaps you have already given your significant other) a KitchenAid mixer, as it is one of the greatest gadgets ever. However, perhaps that same KitchenAid owner could use and would greatly appreciate one of an array of attachments for said mixer. Such as the awesome ice cream maker attachment. Or how about the grinder attachment, which you can use to make sausages? Personally, I'm less interested in the pasta roller attachment, but it'd be good for someone who, you know, makes lots of pasta. The options are many and varied and all frankly rad.

Oddly, I don't recommend buying KitchenAid utensils like spatulas, whisks, and the like. I feel like they're all clunky and improperly weighted. Just something to keep in mind.

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