Jan 26, 2010

We All Steep in a Yellow Submarine

Sorry for the week-long absence, but I was on vacation in Hawaii (I know, cry me a river), where I just got married all impromptu-like. However, am back and blogging. Still a tad swamped, but should be able to post something fabulous every couple of days at least.

So here's today's bit of cleverness: a tea sub. Seriously, how cute is that? Of course it'd be perfect for a kid, or for those of us who are still deeply juvenile...er, young at heart. Of course you know you'd get Yellow Submarine stuck in your head every time you made a cup of tea, but that's just a risk you'd have to take.

Jan 12, 2010

Barbie's on the Job Hunt

Apparently even Barbie's shopping for a new career in this crappy economy. And you can vote, which is the cool part. The choices, incidentally, are environmentalist, surgeon, architect, news anchor, or computer engineer. Bitch is taking all the good jobs.

And, while we're on the topic of Barbie (of course, when am I not on that topic?), have you seen Lady Gaga Barbie? Pretty freaking funny, I tell ya what. Let's face it though—that Kermit coat just isn't a good look on anyone, even Barbie.

Jan 8, 2010


I try to restrain myself, honest. But sometimes I'll post a link or pic from one site and then, a few measly days later, something so awesome will appear on that same site that I'm forced to revisit it. And then you think I'm just derivative. In this case, I'm back on Go Fug Yourself. But I can't help it.

I say a lot of things are the "best x ever" ...well, this is the best picture of Michael Cera ever. I'm not posting it here—you'd lose the scrolldown impact. Just trust me. It had me nearly in tears, which I initially typed as "teras" in an earlier message about the same topic. Tears + Cera = teras. It's a new thing. I just invented it.

Jan 7, 2010

Notes From Under the Sea

What an adorable card. It's a bit like steampunk sea life...which could make it reminiscent of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, I suppose, but doesn't. Too much cute, not enough creepiness. You know that I've never read the book, only seen the Disney movie? I really need to remedy that situation one of these days.

Jan 6, 2010

New Heights of Photobombing

You've all seen and enjoyed the classic squirrel photobomb; now, prepare for the best photobomb ever. No, really. It's the greatest. I kept it open all yesterday, just so that I could keep clicking back to that tab and surprising myself. My coworker was beginning to think I was a bit nuts. Okay, she's actually thought that for a while, but this confirmed it. My new Cute Overload desk calendar isn't helping the case for my sanity, either.

Anyway, are you ready for it?


Jan 5, 2010

Posting Issues

Ugh. Due to technical difficulties (i.e., the combination of Blogger and my old laptop), I cannot post photos. Hence no post tonight. And I had such an awesome pic to share with anyone I hadn't yet assaulted with it yet, too. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day.

Jan 4, 2010

Fugly New Year

It's back to work, bitches. If anything can make the first day back at the office a bit better, though, it's a New Year's welcome from Hennifer Lopez (channeled by the Fug Girls, naturally). Also, the bejeweled brown bodysuit? Aside from being alliterative, there's nothing good about it, honey.