Feb 1, 2010

George Costanza Invents Sex Robot!

Holy crap. George Costanza invented a sex robot! Okay, okay, I know the inventor—Douglas Hines— isn't actually George Costanza, but he does look awfully Costanzan. And I suppose if Costanza had invented said robot, she probably wouldn't, well, work...but come on. Doesn't she look like something Costanza could have designed? I mean, doesn't she look a little...special? Slack-jawed, dead-eyed, a little bit corpsified, a little bit retarded?

As noble as Hines' goals may be, the whole story is just as creepy as his doll looks. Believe it or not, the dude created his sex robot in tribute to a friend who died on 9/11. So, not that I ever thought it'd be necessary to spell this out, but please, if I die tragically, don't create a sex robot version of me, okay? Thanks.

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