Mar 1, 2010

Dishes Dry Decoratively

I've been on the lookout for a new dish drainer for a while; have been trying to find something compact, inexpensive, and—here's the kicker—not crappy. The standard Ikea model wasn't bad, except that it fell apart repeatedly—I kept having to nail the damn thing back together. Bought a replacement along the same lines but made of metal that's just too small all around. The dishes don't fit right, you have to wedge the cups in the bottom shelf (thereby risking chips and/or broken handles every time you wash the dishes), the silverware falls through the slots in the basket, and the basket itself attaches poorly. Overall, I hate it.

I think, however, I may have found my dream dish rack. (Yes, you can apparently have such a thing.) The Black + Blum High&Dry Dish Drainer looks like something Santiago Calatrava might have designed, and it's not cheap, but really, isn't $60 a relatively small price to pay to end the daily frustration of the current dish-drainer-from-hell situation?

I had no idea, incidentally, how many lustworthy products Black + Blum is behind. Some of these are nearing iconic status in the design world, yet I'd never heard of the company. How'd that happen? Well, now I'm spreading the word as atonement for my sins. And hopefully I'll get a dish rack as well. That can be in-home advertising, right?

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