Mar 18, 2010

I See London, I See...Syria?

Apparently some of the world's sauciest (and/or most over-the-top) lingerie comes from one of the world's most buttoned-up countries: Syria. In their new book, The Secret Life of Syrian Lingerie, authors Malu Halasa take a peek at the vast variety of racy underwear choices available to Syrian ladies looking to spice up their bedroom antics. Frankly, it's a little startling how overtly sexy, playful, even a tad trashy the lingerie is in such a conservative, religious country.

I think the description from this Independent review is quite apt:

Intrigued by the disparity between a nation of demurely dressed women and this garish underwear, designer Rana Salam and writer Malu Halasa set out to chronicle these magnificent items of erotic kitsch and discover their provenance.

Intrigued? For more, check out the slideshow.

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