Mar 30, 2010

Testing Tarina Tarantino

It's nasty and wet out and I'm still sick. It's totally the kind of day that could use a little brightening up...and I've now found another option that'll do just that. You see, Tarina Tarantino has launched a beauty line at Sephora.

I tested a bunch of the products last week, and the Sparklicity Shimmer Dust is a clear winner: light, sparkly, and it comes in a cute little atomizer. I was a bit disappointed in the shadows (frankly, every color I liked seemed like a weaker version of an Urban Decay shade) and glosses, none of which imparted much color to the lips, but I'd give some of the eyeliners another shot. They seemed pretty vivid, and the test marks I made on my hand didn't wash off easily.

So the verdict is still out. As much as I love me some Tarina, I can't wholeheartedly drink the Kool-Aid here; the makeup just doesn't do it for me as a collection. Aside from the lackluster glosses, it's not bad makeup—it's just that the colors are all so similar to shades I already own. Sparklicity Shimmer Dust is a yes, though. A definite yes.

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