Apr 29, 2010

Big Gay Awesomeness

Remember how, not so very long ago, I was getting all excited about the new revival of La Cage aux Folles? Sadly, with the ridiculous number of weddings and such I need to attend these days, my spare cash is pretty much committed, so it was looking like I wouldn't be shelling out any extra for Broadway shows any time soon. (Damn friends with their weddings and registries and whatnots. I don't see why they can't all elope like we did. Bah. Yeah, I think I'm turning into the wedding Scrooge.) Anyway, back to my point. I was excited but not likely to see La Cage any time soon.

...and along came my knight in shining ice cream truck. Yep, Doug (of Big Gay Ice Cream Truck fame) was giving away some free La Cage tickets. Long story short(er), I won a pair! The voucher arrived yesterday and I'm totally psyched. Even Afshin is mildly interested. Yes, he understands that men in dresses will be singing and dancing (to clarify, it's the singing and dancing he finds off-putting, not really the men in dresses), but he would like to see Kelsey Grammer.

So, as if I needed another reason to be enamored of Doug and his fabulous ice cream truck, there it is: he gave me La Cage tickets!

As my good fortune does not directly affect you (sucker), here's another reason for everyone to recognize the awesomeness that is Big Gay Ice Cream/Doug. Coincidentally, I was listening to Cyndi Lauper for the first time in months about 10 minutes before I read that announcement. Now you're intrigued, aren't you? Now you're gonna have to click the link.

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