Apr 20, 2010

La Cage, Encore

I've always had a soft spot for La Cage aux Folles—the original French film, The Birdcage, and the 1983 Broadway musical. Yes, I went to see it when I was three. This is probably why, to this day, I have an odd fascination with drag. So I was delighted to read that the new revival has been getting great reviews. (And it stars Kelsey Grammer; now that's a bit of casting I never would have considered!)

The Times also has an interesting article about the process of creating the poster for the show, complete with a nifty slideshow. Naturally, I like several of the rejected poster options better than the final selection, which I find a bit generic and not at all cleverly suggestive of the gender-bending aspects of the show in the way that most of the other posters are. Still, at least it's not the weakest of the options. Rounding out the Times' coverage is this profile of actor Douglas Hodge, who plays Albin in the newest iteration of La Cage (and won an Olivier for his portrayal of the same role in London last year).

It's all rather exciting and makes me want to kick-step over to the Longacre Theatre pronto. Ticket info is available on the show website.

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