Apr 15, 2010

Not Your Granny's Lace

I happened upon this skirt today and must say that I think it's fantastic—a clever combination of girly with an edge. I've discovered that I have sort of a thing for nice lace skirts (though I'm quite particular about them), so I'm rather tempted by this one, but I'm just not sure about the elastic waistband. Too many gorgeous skirts are ruined by elastic waistbands...they twist and bunch and give even the skinniest girls little rolls of pudge around the midsection. Sometimes one small detail—say, an elastic waistband—can make an expensive, otherwise beautiful garment look cheap. I will probably err on the side of caution and fiscal prudence in this case, but a different waistband would totally have won me over. Still, you might not have the same issue with waistbands that I do. In which case, carry on! Buy it, wear it, look fabulous!


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