Jun 6, 2011

Battle of the Alamo (Drafthouse)

I already knew Austin's Alamo Drafthouse was awesome—I had the great fortune of watching that classic, Road House (starring Patrick Swayze and, yes indeed, his naked ass) there one late night. Something had gone wrong with the movie we were going to see (some Wes Anderson movie—I forget which one), so the staff gave us free food and beer and about a bunch of free movie passes, were generally super-nice, and convinced us to stay for Road House. Best move ever. Our friend Luis answered trivia questions about the movie and won pancake mix. I'm a little fuzzy on why, but it was great.

Well, the Drafthouse just got even cooler in my estimation. I hate it when inconsiderate assholes text or talk on the phone during movies (understandably, I think). Apparently the Drafthouse is pretty stringent on their no-texting policy, as evidenced by this cautionary tale. Bravo, Alamo Drafthouse! They are nice until it's time to not be nice.

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