Jun 15, 2011

Cyberdog, Where the Rave Never Ends

I returned to Camden Market after an eight-year absence, assuming that the raver paradise Cyberdog would have long since closed (I mean, does anyone go to raves anymore?). Yet there it was, in all its blacklit, throbbing-techno glory. Naturally, I had to go in, even if my primary motivation was to see if my glow-in-the-blacklight nail polish still works. (Amazingly, it does—not bad for polish I bought in '98 or '99.)

Things to know about the shop: In case you couldn't tell from the above photo (and others in the Cyberdog Flickr pool, the entrance is guarded by two giant robots sentries. There are more robots inside, as well as dancing girls on platforms. The shop is, I believe, three or four stories, starting on the ground level (assorted accessories) and descending through more gadgets, men's, women's, and children's clothes, and sex toys and paraphernalia on the lowest level. That's also where you'll find the pole dancer.

Basically, the whole place looks like my dream house would have looked in 1999. My high school bedroom was approaching that level of seizure-inducing lighting (blacklight above the door, motorized disco ball above the bed, 3D alien head with strobing eyes on the wall, lava lamp, neon light, laser light, rainbow light, weird glowing orb thing, velvet blacklight poster, tie-dyed bedding, etc.), though I've never been super-down with most techno. Aside from a couple somewhat regrettable trips to Tunnel back in its heyday, I wasn't much down with the club scene, in fact. I guess I operated on the idea that the club atmosphere was better when you could chill in your pajamas. So I doubt I'll be making any purchases from Cyberdog (raver girl clubwear always makes the wearer look like a slutty futuristic baby), but it's fun as hell to visit.

On a side note, I couldn't remember the shop name at first. Thought it was The Android's Market, which I realized was my brain combining Android Market with Comic Book Guy's store, The Android's Dungeon. Funny that.

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