Jun 2, 2011

Down Under (And I Don't Mean Australia)

Okay, no picture for this one. Not that the site I'm linking to doesn't have pictures—oh, it's full of them—but not a single one is remotely SFW. Let me give you a hint as to why: it's called Stuff in My Vagina. It's not porn (though it is obviously explicit); it's just random stuff inserted in some chick's vag. Weird? Absolutely. Oddly compelling? Yeah, sorta. You never know what's getting wedged in there next. My personal favorite is this little toy dinosaur (aw, it looks like it's climbing!), but a few others of note are the creepy eyeball, the terrifying scissors, and the suffocating Barbie doll.

So I'm not sure if I can really recommend this blog on any sort of actual merits, but it's worth checking out for the sheer weirdness factor. But not at work. Definitely not at work.

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