Jun 17, 2011

Going to the Circus

Couldn't post last night because I was out foolishly late having dinner with friends at Circus...which has become today's post. Normally, restaurants that involve some sort of gimmick have overpriced, lackluster food—and frequently a lackluster gimmick, as well. I am pleasantly surprised to report that not only was the (admittedly pricey) food very good, but the performances at Circus were excellent. During the course of our meal, we saw

• a multi-hula-hoop-twirling girl
• two underwear-clad fire-dancer girls
• a pair of girls who did an aerial hoop act in blacklighting
• and an acrobat-type guy who did a pretty impressive robot (and stripped to shirtlessness)

The performances were all very short but well choreographed, more sexy than schlocky (always a risk when a circus theme is involved), and the brief-but-brilliant format worked for the restaurant/venue setting. Oh, and there were no clowns, which was a plus. Objections: the blaring music, the fact that they lost our reservation, and the two-course minimum. Was it worth it? Hell yes. Not the sort of thing I'd do on a regular basis, but once in a while—definitely.

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