Jul 28, 2011

A Good Excuse for Not Posting

No post last night because we were at a Sophie Madeleine show. It was small and overly warm and there were some technical issues...and Sophie and her band were utterly charming. Not to mention talented, of course. It was great. So, in case you don't know who Sophie Madeleine is, here are some videos to get you started. Above, her song Oil & Gold. Next, an adorable fan-made video for her song Take Your Love With Me. She recently embarked on a project to cover 30 songs in 30 days (leading up to the release of her new album, The Rhythm You Started). She's also half of the group Rocky and Balls, with Hannah-Rei. My favorite of their songs (or at least the one that gets stuck in my head most often) is this delightful ode to Jessica Fletcher, entitled, logically enough, Murder She Wrote Song.

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