Aug 31, 2011

The Girl With the Rainbow Curls

If I a) didn't have a corporate job and b) did have curly hair, I would do this immediately. As is I've been restraining myself from going full Tarina Tarantino—which I want to do every time I look at my ridiculously cute Tarina Tarantino Barbie. But the rainbow hair is even better. I love the curls, I love the french braid, I love this elegant coiffure (yes, elegant and rainbow). I think I may be a little in love with Wisely-Chosen.

Aug 30, 2011

Nailed: The Muppets

In other Muppets-related news, OPI is producing a line of Muppets-themed nail polishes. While I have been trying to cut down on my glittery nail polish consumption, I must admit to being quite tempted by Gettin' Miss Piggy With It. The collection is being released as a tie-in with the forthcoming Muppets movie...about which I'm actually pretty excited. Seriously, look at the cast and list of cameos—Jason Segel, Bret McKenzie (aww), Amy Adams, Rashida Jones (hot), Dave Grohl (awesome), etc. Yeah, I'm even more psyched now. And I really just meant to post about the polish....

Aug 26, 2011


I am definitely not going to assert that this is the world's most tasteful wallpaper ("wallpaper"), as it is not. And I hate all the art on it—not that the art itself is unappealing (frankly, I can't get a good enough look at the individual artworks to tell), but I don't like the art hanging on the walls. The wallpaper is crazy awesome enough on its own, and the art should be displayed against more neutral walls. That's my two cents. Or, now that I'm in England, two pence. But I don't think they really have that phrase here. Regardless, I think wallpaper made of stickers is rad.

Aug 25, 2011

Muppets Music

While I'm not entirely on board with all of OK Go's music, I do tend to like their amusing videos, and this one is no exception. Of course, it's hard to go wrong when the Muppets are involved (Muppet Treasure Island being a major exception, of course—yeesh!). Also, I really dig the band's suits. And now I have to go re-watch the Muppets/Weezer collaboration.

Found via Boing Boing.

Aug 24, 2011

Wakka Wakka Plinkety Plink

How cute is this Pac-Man ukulele? Downright adorable, that's how cute. In fact, the seller, Celentano Woodworks, has a number of cool stringed instruments, though the Pac-Man design is by far my favorite.

Aug 23, 2011

Day to Night NY

Not to be confused with that '80s classic, Day to Night Barbie, the Day to Night series of photos is fantastic. Basically, photographer Stephen Wilkes took hundreds of photos over the course of at least 10 hours and then blended them into a single shot. I particularly love the above photo, as I think the contrast is most noticeable (and I worked about a block from the Flatiron for about two years—lots of great stuff in that neighborhood). The photos give off a vaguely apocalyptic vibe somehow, yet seem a little magical as well....

Aug 22, 2011

Tremendous Tiny Hats

Somehow I have managed to escape owning a tiny hat thus far in my life. Oh, I've gotten close, but have always stopped myself from making impulsive (often expensive) tiny hat purchases on the grounds that they're not necessarily all that practical. And, in fact, are usually quite the opposite. Does this stop me from wanting a tiny hat? Not bloody likely.

Fortunately for all tiny hat lovers, there is a blog called Tiny Hats Weekly (for obvious reasons) that will help satisfy all that tiny hat lust. That's a lust for tiny hats, of course, not a tiny amount of hat lust. There's a difference.

Even more exciting—at the moment, Tiny Hats Weekly is running a contest where the prize is a free, custom-made tiny hat, courtesy of Shameless Glamour. While I thoroughly encourage one and all to enter, I cannot be blamed for hoping I win.

Aug 19, 2011

Family Portraits

I freaking love Twitter. So many links posted, so many exciting things to click.... Okay, so a large number of them are utter crap, but once in a while there's a gem. Like this story about a photographer who has created a series of portraits in which he has merged the faces of two family members. I'm not gonna lie—the portraits are a little weird, but undeniably cool.

Aug 18, 2011

Anna Goes Out

Excuse the vaguely nepotistic post, but my friend's directorial debut premiered last night. It's a 5-minute silent short called Anna Goes Out. It's quite cute (without being cloying), and I particularly commend the cat's performance. Give it a look.

Aug 17, 2011

Hello (Many Times Over)

Success! I found the artist who created the genius Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya image. It is available for sale in several formats (wearable, framable, etc.).

Just discovered it thanks to copyranter.

Aug 16, 2011

The Stuff of Deep-Fried Dreams

Cue Homer Simpsonian drooling. There exists such a thing as a deep-fried fluffernutter. The photo literally makes me shiver with delight. Which, unfortunately, is dampened quite a bit by the presence of banana along with the Fluff and peanut butter. But now that I know such a delicacy exists, I can set about re-creating it, minus the dreaded bananas. Should you be in the San Fernando valley area, head over to Black Market Liquor Bar for a deep-fried fluffernutter and one of a selection of what look like terribly promising cocktails.

Aug 15, 2011

Brushing in Style

I seldom find myself staring at a toothbrush with longing, but that's exactly what I'm doing now. I ditched my beloved but well-worn Philips Sonicare (an older version of this model) prior to moving country, but I do miss it. Now I'm filled with toothbrush-lust for the newest iteration, the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean. Based on the performance of my last Sonicare, I'm sure this new version is of excellent quality and durability, but where this one really stands out is on design. The charger is a glass. That is so rad. One of the few things I hated about my last toothbrush was the charger base, which yellowed with age and featured hard-to-clean corners, no matter how many chemicals and pointy implements I used (cotton swabs, toothpicks, etc.). This, on the other hand, is elegant and looks like a breeze to clean. And uses a USB, so you can actually travel with your toothbrush of choice without dragging along the charger.

Alas, as is often the case, good design ain't cheap. The DiamondClean is $215 (£250 in England, which is patently unfair). And that, my friends, is pretty fucking steep for a toothbrush. But I still do want it.

Aug 11, 2011

Risky Ruby Reds

Why risky, you ask? Because they are heelless, and I, entirely lacking in grace, coordination, and balance, would fall flat upon my face. Clearly they aren't the greatest choice for trotting down the Yellow Brick Road. Naturally, that doesn't mean I don't want these sparkly beauties. This is one of those cases where the prohibitively expensive price tag (only 10 pairs are being made at £500 apiece) is actually working out in my favor by preventing me from buying a pair of shoes that I do. not. need. And would injure myself while wearing, no doubt.

Lest you think I'm exaggerating, I should perhaps mention my extreme proclivity for ruby slippers. At present I own three pairs, one of which features a major platform heel. I haven't fallen in them, but I also can't really walk in them either. And there's actually still a bit of dried blood on one from where I scraped the opposite ankle against the chunky glitter. I don't think I've worn them out of the house since...2002? Yet they have moved with me to California, back to New York, and now to England. Sometimes I can't help myself.

Found via Cakehead Loves Evil, a blog that I don't entirely understand, but enjoy nonetheless.

Aug 10, 2011

Safety Songbird

Okay, the Chick-a-Dee smoke detector is without a doubt the cutest smoke detector I've ever seen. I kinda want one. Never mind that I can't reach the ceilings in my house (reminder to self: buy a stepladder), I want an adorable bird that chirps me to safety. It is a bit expensive for a smoke detector (€50, compared to usual prices of, say, $10-$30), but hey, clever design costs money. And it's probably worth it if the damn thing doesn't make that awful electronic wailing noise most fire alarms make. Ugh.

Via If It's Hip It's Here.

Aug 9, 2011


No post yesterday thanks to my being a tad preoccupied by the riots. Not fun. This is the only kind of riot I want to have anything to do with.

Also, this begs the question: Is there anything Angry Birds can't improve?

Aug 5, 2011

Too Hot to Handle

It is widely acknowledged that, while I do not like cooking, I do appreciate cute, clever, fun, or particularly well-designed kitchen gadgets and accessories. It is in this spirit that I would like to point out two oven mitts I have been eyeing. Yes, they've been floating around the interwebs for a while, but I still haven't purchased either...maybe if I bake more (I actually do like baking) I can justify the purchase of more oven mitts. Thus I present my oven mitt wish list: Pac-Man mitts and pixel hand mitts.

Aug 4, 2011

Beautiful Baubles by Bora

Back at Christmastime I did my usual perusal of the holiday markets and discovered the amazing Bora Jewelry in a booth at Bryant Park. Unfortunately, I needed to a) save money in order to move from NY to London and b) buy presents for other people, not myself, so I did not indulge in a sparkly gift for myself. They were gorgeous baubles—chunky asymmetrical rings studded with semiprecious stones and inlaid with textured metals, elaborate calligraphic dangling earrings, filigreed cuffs, etc.—handmade in Brooklyn and reasonably priced. (Most of the rings I looked at were in the $200-$400 range.)

Naturally, I've tried to find these little beauties in the ensuing months, but Bora Jewelry apparently doesn't have a website (how archaic!). I've found a few pieces for sale here and there and around, but the best way to find out more is probably just to email the designer directly at Believe me when I say that the pictures I've found online don't remotely do the jewelry justice—it is spectacular in real life.

Aug 3, 2011

Converse ♥ Marimekko (and I Do Too)

As previous posts (and my Twitter icon and the blog header) might suggest, I am rather fond of Converse. What you might not know is that I'm also quite a fan of Marimekko. So when I found out that there's a Marimekko/Converse collaboration, I was naturally delighted. Now I won't be buying any of these sneakers, no matter how awesome, because I have cut myself off. I own no fewer than 8 pairs at present, and I can't allow myself to buy any more. Maybe once the decade-old black hi-tops finally kick the bucket I can get a new pair, but not yet. And, frankly, I'm kinda partial to those. They were my first pair of Chucks ever, and they're now covered in paint (from last year's New York Cares mural-paining expedition) and fake blood (from the San Francisco Zombie Crawl '09). Ah, memories.

Anyway, if you have more room in your shoe closet than I do at present, some of the Marimekko Cons are on sale. Found via If It's Hip It's Here.

Aug 2, 2011

The Light Fantastic

Awesome. I don't know exactly what a LightScythe is, but you can apparently do cool things with it. Like make Nyan Cat and Pac-Man and little XKCD people. So yeah. I'm in favor of it.

Aug 1, 2011

Brock-oli Treehouses and Emoti-Khans

After seeing this enchanting broccoli treehouse on Boing Boing, I decided to check out the artist's site. His name is Brock Davis and he's done all kinds of things, including a bunch of Threadless designs. I must say I find the Emoti-Khans particularly amusing.