Aug 4, 2011

Beautiful Baubles by Bora

Back at Christmastime I did my usual perusal of the holiday markets and discovered the amazing Bora Jewelry in a booth at Bryant Park. Unfortunately, I needed to a) save money in order to move from NY to London and b) buy presents for other people, not myself, so I did not indulge in a sparkly gift for myself. They were gorgeous baubles—chunky asymmetrical rings studded with semiprecious stones and inlaid with textured metals, elaborate calligraphic dangling earrings, filigreed cuffs, etc.—handmade in Brooklyn and reasonably priced. (Most of the rings I looked at were in the $200-$400 range.)

Naturally, I've tried to find these little beauties in the ensuing months, but Bora Jewelry apparently doesn't have a website (how archaic!). I've found a few pieces for sale here and there and around, but the best way to find out more is probably just to email the designer directly at Believe me when I say that the pictures I've found online don't remotely do the jewelry justice—it is spectacular in real life.


Anna M said...

I too came across this distinctive and beautiful collection at Bora's booth in Bryant Park last November. I have previously emailed Bora direct at the address given and haven't had a reply. Just sent off another one. I'd love to see more of their collection.

DiDame said...

Bora's collection is really fantastic! I just saw him at he International Gem and Jewelry show in Houston over this past weekend. He is going to be back at Reliant Center in two weeks for the annual Nutcracker market.
He is wonderfully easy to order from as well. Generally, rings in my size aren't available (13-15) I made the comment to a friend he overheard, dug through his entire collection to see if he did have something and when nothing to my taste was found we instead discussed a custom order--with a fairly minimal deposit. I cant wait!