Aug 3, 2011

Converse ♥ Marimekko (and I Do Too)

As previous posts (and my Twitter icon and the blog header) might suggest, I am rather fond of Converse. What you might not know is that I'm also quite a fan of Marimekko. So when I found out that there's a Marimekko/Converse collaboration, I was naturally delighted. Now I won't be buying any of these sneakers, no matter how awesome, because I have cut myself off. I own no fewer than 8 pairs at present, and I can't allow myself to buy any more. Maybe once the decade-old black hi-tops finally kick the bucket I can get a new pair, but not yet. And, frankly, I'm kinda partial to those. They were my first pair of Chucks ever, and they're now covered in paint (from last year's New York Cares mural-paining expedition) and fake blood (from the San Francisco Zombie Crawl '09). Ah, memories.

Anyway, if you have more room in your shoe closet than I do at present, some of the Marimekko Cons are on sale. Found via If It's Hip It's Here.

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