Aug 22, 2011

Tremendous Tiny Hats

Somehow I have managed to escape owning a tiny hat thus far in my life. Oh, I've gotten close, but have always stopped myself from making impulsive (often expensive) tiny hat purchases on the grounds that they're not necessarily all that practical. And, in fact, are usually quite the opposite. Does this stop me from wanting a tiny hat? Not bloody likely.

Fortunately for all tiny hat lovers, there is a blog called Tiny Hats Weekly (for obvious reasons) that will help satisfy all that tiny hat lust. That's a lust for tiny hats, of course, not a tiny amount of hat lust. There's a difference.

Even more exciting—at the moment, Tiny Hats Weekly is running a contest where the prize is a free, custom-made tiny hat, courtesy of Shameless Glamour. While I thoroughly encourage one and all to enter, I cannot be blamed for hoping I win.

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