Sep 20, 2011

Chai Tea S'mores—Commence Drooling!

Since moving to another country, I have been a bit slow to acquire some baking accoutrements...a mixer, for example, or a blender, or, come to think of it, even a pie plate or cookie sheet. For that matter, the pantry is also pretty much devoid of ingredients vital to baking. I think I have white sugar and that's about it. Milk, if there's any left.

Ignoring the reality of the situation (because I do plan on accumulating both ingredients and supplies eventually), I think I need to make these chai tea s'mores at some point in the near future. They look amazing, and combine two awesome things: chai and s'mores. I love the one and consume chai and chai-flavored delicacies whenever possible; the other I haven't had in years but always inspires longing. The only substitution I think I'd make is the chocolate: Hershey's just isn't very good. Tastes a bit like sugary cocoa-flavored plastic. However, knock some high-quality chocolate into those bad boys and we've got a deal!

Yeah, I seriously need to buy baking supplies. Those s'mores must be created and consumed!

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