Sep 19, 2011

A Tragic Tack-o-Rama

This would have been a timely post two weeks ago, but I discovered it late. It's spectacular either way. Allow me to present a roundup of the most godawful 9/11 memorial...things. First, Regretsy featured a compilation of 9/11-themed junk ranging from full backpiece tattoos to cakes to the always-classy van art. (Incidentally, I give the Lego Twin Towers a pass—they're rendered well and somehow the juxtaposition of using a children's toy to depict a tragedy seems all the more poignant. But you might disagree.)

Following the train wreck that was the roundup of 9/11 tack, Regretsy then held a 9/11 gif contest ("healing through gifs"), thus incurring the wrath of the dude who created (and, amazingly, wants to take credit for) the crying eagle image. However, minus further appearances of said maudlin eagle, the Never Forgetsy contest forged ahead, resulting in the following 48 favorites (10 of which are the official winners). My personal favorite? Nyan 11.

Note the lack of tags for this post. I am at an utter loss for how to categorize this one. "Funny" seems inappropriate, "DIY" only sorta, and "art"...hell no.

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