Oct 31, 2011

Not Your Usual Jack'o'Lantern

If you haven't seen these amazing pumpkins, just bursting with zombies, check 'em out. Food sculptor (yes, that's a thing) Ray Villafane carved the world's heaviest pumpkin into a giant, zombie-infested nightmare. I love the pumpkin hand, all dripping with pumpkin innards (pumpkinnards?). Well done. Takes pumpkin carving to a whole new level.

So yeah. Happy Halloween and sweet dreams.

Oct 24, 2011

Over the Moon About These Designs!

It might be a bit much to have both of these moony accents in the same room, but I think they're both pretty cool. Check out the Luna Rug and the Moon Clock. Both are nifty, though you might notice that the rug is significantly more expensive than the clock. Ahh, such is the price one must pay for walking on the moon. (Bah-dum-ching!)

Both found via Better Living Through Design (here and here).

Oct 17, 2011

Travelling and Such

Just a quick post to say sorry for the recent absence of posts...which will continue through this week. Lots of work-related travelling going on. No time to find cool stuff on the wonderful world of The Internet.

Oct 10, 2011

Opera on a Small Scale

Found this Opera Fireplace by Sebastian Errazuriz a while back and hadn't gotten around to posting it until now. While it certainly won't work in every house, or even every fireplace, it is pretty amusing. I'm undecided about whether or not I'd torch the little man, though, even for the sake of "art." I also feel like the artist missed a trick by carving a somewhat generic guy instead of a rotund woman in a Valkyrie helmet.

Oct 7, 2011

Sparklier Than Michael Jackson's Glove...

This is obscenely decadent...get glorious, in a sort of grotesque, cracked-out way. It's an 18-karat white gold and diamond chain mail glove, entitled Contra Mundum (against the world), designed by jeweler Shaun Leane and fashion personality Daphne Guinness. (Yeah, I never know exactly what to call Daphne Guinness. She's an heiress with Cruella de Vil hair and wacky, striking clothes.) Anyway, the gauntlet is spectacular, if entirely unnecessary. The presentation of the piece was similarly over-the-top: a shrouded Guinness was "awakened" with a kiss from designer Tom Ford at the unveiling at the White Cube gallery. Oh, and apparently each guest's gift bag contained a diamond. I am going to the wrong parties, I tell ya what.

Oct 6, 2011


Not gonna lie—this is a little weird. But quite amusing, too. This is what happens when you pose men in traditional pinup poses: you get Men-ups. Courtesy of photographer Rion Sabean. Enjoy.

Oct 5, 2011

Barbie Baubles

I know I've mentioned Noir Jewelry before, but I just saw their new Barbie-themed collection. In what's probably a good sign re my maturity level, I don't want most of it. In what might be a bad sign, I do want the Barbie Dream House ring (come on—it opens!) and the I'm not small necklace. The former because it's freaking adorable, the latter because I need to put a positive spin on my rather diminutive stature.

Oct 4, 2011

Haunted (Doll)Houses

Okay, these are pretty amazing (and very timely, what with Halloween coming). For his series Abandoned Houses, artist Mike Doyle has created several decrepit, abandoned, spooky Victorian houses...entirely from Lego. Check out Doyle's flickr feed for some brilliant photos and his blog for more details and the making-of story. And if you hanker for a piece of strangely evocative Lego art of your own, you can buy a print at Bumble & Bramble.

Oct 3, 2011

Arrested Development Resuming

Am back from some work-related travel, and I bring glad tidings! Arrested Development is coming back! Evidently the series creator, Mitchell Hurwitz, has planned for 9-10 episodes to air on TV, leading up to the long-awaited movie. I cannot begin to tell you how psyched I am.