Oct 7, 2011

Sparklier Than Michael Jackson's Glove...

This is obscenely decadent...get glorious, in a sort of grotesque, cracked-out way. It's an 18-karat white gold and diamond chain mail glove, entitled Contra Mundum (against the world), designed by jeweler Shaun Leane and fashion personality Daphne Guinness. (Yeah, I never know exactly what to call Daphne Guinness. She's an heiress with Cruella de Vil hair and wacky, striking clothes.) Anyway, the gauntlet is spectacular, if entirely unnecessary. The presentation of the piece was similarly over-the-top: a shrouded Guinness was "awakened" with a kiss from designer Tom Ford at the unveiling at the White Cube gallery. Oh, and apparently each guest's gift bag contained a diamond. I am going to the wrong parties, I tell ya what.

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