Nov 30, 2011

Wearable Architecture

I know I've blogged previously about Philippe Tournaire's jewelry, but I feel the need to do so again. Because guess what? He's added to the fantastic Architecture collection. With the newest additions, you can wear a mini London, an upside-down Eiffel Tower, or a little Leaning Tower of Pisa.

I'm so adding several of these to my wishlist for whenever I strike it rich.

Via If It's Hip, It's Here (or, in this case, here, here, and here).

Nov 29, 2011

Blooming Bookmarks

I never imagined I'd be devoting a whole post to leafy bookmarks, but there you go. I had just bought Suck UK's Sprout Bookmark, which is adorable, functional, and inexpensive (£5), when I saw this Detelina bookmark on MoCo Loco. It's lovely, but I'm not sure where to buy it or how much it costs. So maybe that one's more of an aspirational bookmark. In the meanwhile, go for the Sprout.

Nov 28, 2011

The Genius of Ingo Maurer

I seriously love me some Ingo Maurer. I had no idea how many brilliant designs he's responsible for until I wandered into his New York showroom some months ago. I knew he had created the genius piece "Porca Miseria," one of the highlights of the MoMA's design section and the chandelier I will someday have for my kitchen or dining room (I like to think optimistically), as well as the amusing Wo Bist Du, Einstein?

At the shop, I found out that Maurer is also the man behind the Birdie and Birds Birds Birds chandeliers, the Lucellino and Johnny B. Butterfly lamps, and the Alizz.Cooper lighting series. I particularly loved the magical LED table and Lacrime Del Pescatore crystal lighting fixture. Seriously amazing stuff. Unsurprisingly, I would like to own a lot of it.

Nov 25, 2011

Wanted: Swarovski-Studded Doc Martens

Happy Black Friday! I hope you're at home, sanely tootling around online, instead of out getting a face full of pepper spray in your quest for sale items. Jesus, people, is a discounted TV worth bodily harm?

Enough virtual head-shaking. Instead, see my latest object of lust: Swarovski-studded Doc Martens. This capsule collection is the result of a special collaboration between the two companies; I'm not sure where you can actually buy these beauties other than Selfridges (and they only seem to carry three styles), but that's probably a moot point given how bloody expensive they are. I have been enforcing a moratorium on any purchases of Docs, Chuck Taylors, and graphic tees, because I have too many of all three...but I would have made an exception in this case. Unfortunately, I have never had cheap taste and, as usual, I like the most expensive pair, the 10-hole boot with all-over crystals (pictured), which runs £540 in the UK and $655 in the US. Sure, they're a better deal in the States, but that's still a bit out of my budget. I have to buy Christmas presents for other people, not absurdly expensive (albeit very, very pretty) boots for myself. Damn my sense of fiscal responsibility.

Discovered via Shoewawa.

Nov 24, 2011

For the Gilded Gourmet

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Look what I found to spice up your boring ol' Turkey Day: edible metallic food spray finish. So yes, the gold and silver apples do look kinda rad, but the pinkish cupcake? Not so tasty. The gilt turkey? Why? Just why?

Those wacky Germans.

Nov 23, 2011

Marmite Dos and Don'ts

I'm not at all sure how I feel about Marmite chocolate. I love Marmite (I just had some on buttered toast a couple of hours ago) and I love chocolate (I anticipate possibly treating myself to a piece tonight), but those might just be two tastes that don't belong together. Don't get me wrong—I'm adventurous, I'd try it—but I have deep reservations. Now, Marmite cashews, on the other hand? They're delicious.

Nov 22, 2011

If Only Han Had Been Encased in Chocolate!

Despite the fact that I seldom bake and haven't made chocolates since I was about 10 years old, I am rather taken with this Han Solo in carbonite silicone tray. While I think it's most likely to be used for ice, who wouldn't want to nibble a Han chocolate or two?

Nov 21, 2011

Magnificent Monet

You know, I have all these great posts queued up, ready to be deployed at a moment's notice...and I keep discovering even more awesome things I need to post first. Yesterday's discovery is over a century old, but it's new to me: Monet's Water Lilies, Setting Sun. I wish the photos I've found of it online even remotely did it justice, but they all look too drab and muddy. In actuality, it's gorgeous and vibrant and colorful, full of reds and pinks and greens and golds. Really conveyed the impression of a sunset reflected in the flower-strewn water. I highly recommend a trip to The National Gallery (where it's a recent acquisition) specifically to take a look in person. Not that there aren't plenty of other things to see there as well, but it's worth a special trip.

Nov 18, 2011

Part Boardroom, Part Bedroom

Dear lord I want this Thora dress. It's great from the front and amazing from the back. See?

It's spectacular and I want it. I'm not sure buying it would be the most fiscally responsible decision ever, but that doesn't stop me from wanting it. Is it possible to have a crush on a dress?

Nov 17, 2011

How the TMNT Got the Ladies

Wow. Apparently photos of this free Pizza Hut TMNT giveaway have been floating around the internet since 2009, but this is the first I've seen of it. So, yeah. Relationship advice from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It's not bad advice, but not the sort of thing their intended fan base would need to know for a few years yet.

Nov 16, 2011

Graphic Graphics

This is such a clever graphic—totally explicit without being NSFW. I suppose I understand why a college paper might not choose to run it on the front page...but when an audience is composed of college kids, the subject matter is already obviously sexual, and something's this well designed, I think they could have gotten away with it. Ah well. Their loss, the internet's gain.

Nov 15, 2011

What We All Need: Peace, Love, and Ukulele

Love Jake Shimabukuro. He is responsible for the only Beatles cover that I (gasp!) prefer to to original song. While My Guitar Gently Weeps, fyi—I even bought the album for my Beatles-loving mother, who was massively impressed. His cover of Bohemian Rhapsody is pretty awesome as well. The dude is a ukulele genius and comes across as fun and endearing in all his videos.

Anyway, my point is this: He's released a new video, a ukulele cover of Don't Stop Believin' for Boing Boing. He also has a new album, Peace Love Ukulele, which I need to buy asap. You should too.

Nov 14, 2011

Wrecking Bird

I don't know what the impetus is behind this Angry Bird crash, but it amuses me nonetheless.

Nov 11, 2011

Prepare to Have Your Face Rocked

Have been meaning to post about these guys for ages and keep forgetting. My favorites are the Man vs. Katamari and Medal of Honor Cat shorts. I also love the making-of videos (particularly the behind-the-scenes Medal of Honor Cat video—that's an awesome cat, dude).

Nov 10, 2011

Sheer Magnetism

As previously established, I am rather a fan of magnetic nail polish (yes, I did buy an absurdly expensive, tiny bottle of Le Magnetique), so needless to say I am pretty psyched about these Magnetic Attractions by Nails Inc. I'm a little confused because they seem to be different shades in every picture I see—sometimes the Big Ben color looks golden, sometimes yellow, sometimes somewhere in between. Am very intrigued to see them in person. I strongly suspect I might need one of each. Unless Big Ben turns out to be very yellow—that's not a good shade for my nails. I've tried yellow and it just isn't flattering on someone as pale as I am.

Nov 9, 2011

Why You Shouldn't Teach a Cat to IM

I really had no idea what the hell this was about when my friend Zack sent me the link, but Louis vs. Rick turned out to be the highly amusing story of a man who taught his cat how to use instant messenger. Fictional, obviously. But hilarious. Somehow Louis the cat's behavior is entirely believable. Cats are assholes, after all.

Nov 8, 2011

Bejeweled Bondage

If you want to get your loved one something a little...different this Christmas, how about some of these trinkets from Agent Provocateur? First up is a Swarovski crystal collar (plated with 18-carat gold, no less) and matching crystal cuffs. They're like the very upscale version of those rhinestone dog collars worn by the the hip goth kids a few, er, 10 years ago.

If bejeweled bondage isn't your thing but you still want to give the gift of decidedly unusual jewelry, can you wait for this Cleopatra waspie (basically, it's an elaborate belly chain) to come back into stock? It's sexy without giving of quite such an overt whips-and-chains vibe, and would look gorgeous over the right dress. See, look at how practical I am, figuring out how clothed people as well as the naked ones can make use of these shiny, sexy baubles.

Nov 7, 2011

Kittenmind and Other Classics

Can't remember where I came across this link, but it's good for a laugh: The Kitten Covers. Take iconic album covers, remove existing images, replace with kittens. Snicker. Repeat.

Nov 1, 2011

Halloween in Hollywood

Post-Halloween, let's look at some celebrity costumes, shall we? And by "we" I mean "the Fug Girls," as they have the best costume roundups I've found so far. (And devoted an entire post to the flayed Heidi Klum.) Though they don't include any photos of the back (or lack thereof) of Coco's costume, which is quite an oversight. Or perhaps they were trying to protect us. Here, have some cleansing cuteness in the form of Alyson Hannigan and family.