Nov 25, 2011

Wanted: Swarovski-Studded Doc Martens

Happy Black Friday! I hope you're at home, sanely tootling around online, instead of out getting a face full of pepper spray in your quest for sale items. Jesus, people, is a discounted TV worth bodily harm?

Enough virtual head-shaking. Instead, see my latest object of lust: Swarovski-studded Doc Martens. This capsule collection is the result of a special collaboration between the two companies; I'm not sure where you can actually buy these beauties other than Selfridges (and they only seem to carry three styles), but that's probably a moot point given how bloody expensive they are. I have been enforcing a moratorium on any purchases of Docs, Chuck Taylors, and graphic tees, because I have too many of all three...but I would have made an exception in this case. Unfortunately, I have never had cheap taste and, as usual, I like the most expensive pair, the 10-hole boot with all-over crystals (pictured), which runs £540 in the UK and $655 in the US. Sure, they're a better deal in the States, but that's still a bit out of my budget. I have to buy Christmas presents for other people, not absurdly expensive (albeit very, very pretty) boots for myself. Damn my sense of fiscal responsibility.

Discovered via Shoewawa.

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