Dec 2, 2011

Don't Blink

The first weeping angel episode, Blink, is what convinced me that Doctor Who is indeed an excellent show. I have since been collecting bits of weeping angel-related craftiness, which I present here for your terror, er, pleasure.

First, the angel everyone's probably seen before: the famed Barbie weeping angel statue.

Taking the Barbie statue concept and kicking it up to the next level in time for the holidays, here's a weeping angel tree topper. (I love the clear, specific instruction about which type of soda bottle to use for Barbie's lower half!)

And finally, here we have the world's most fabulous (and thorough!) weeping angel costume. I love the attention to detail, not to mention the gratuitous Jewel Staite appearance.


Pixie said...

I love Doctor Who, Blink, and the Weeping Angel Barbie. Your blog never ceases to make me happy!

Anonymous said...

Apart from how simply awesome that lady is for making that costume (totally ridiculous - I have zero creative ability like that so loads of respect!), I can't believe she strangled Jewel Staite!

pinup said...

Yeah, I've seen these three projects scattered all over the internet, but in different places. Thought it was time to do a weeping angel roundup. :-)