Jan 17, 2012

Too Little Time, Too Many Wrong Numbers

If you hadn't already deduced by yesterday's lack o' post, things are a trifle hectic chez pinup at the moment. Traveling, packing, more traveling, etc. Expect sporadic (or no) posts for the next week or two.

In the meanwhile, I would suggest you peruse Damn You Autocorrect's sister site, Wrong Number Texts. Is it as consistently hilarious as DYAC? No, but it has its moments...such as this one.


Jan 13, 2012

Ruby Chucks

After a week's worth of relatively classic renditions of the ruby slippers, here's a more modern take via deviantART user unorthadox. While I own a pair of magenta sequined Chucks and have promised myself not to buy any more for the foreseeable future (I'm still holding at 8 pairs), I would absolutely cave for these. How often do you find ruby reds that are cute and comfy? Virtually never, that's how often.

Stay tuned for next week's regularly scheduled, non-Oz programming.

Jan 12, 2012

Dead as a Doorstop

I used to own this Wicked Witch of the East doorstop, but didn't bring it with me when I moved. It was heavy and pretty battered by the metal door in my last apartment, so I figured I could probably do without it...yeah, that was a mistake. I now use a boot to prop the door open when necessary, which is both less effective and significantly less amusing. And it's always important to keep your movers and delivery men amused, after all.

Jan 11, 2012

Ruby Slipper Socks

I am shocked—shocked—that I didn't post about these adorable Red Slipper Socks previously. They make excellent gifts for Wizard of Oz fans—I say this from experience, as I both own a pair and gave a pair to a friend. They instantly make me smile every time I look down at my feet. In fact, I keep thinking I might need a backup pair for when I inevitably wear these out.

Bonus: Consider giving birth to a baby girl so can buy her similar booties. So freaking cute!

Jan 10, 2012

A Tatty Treat

I have long coveted numerous pieces of Tatty Devine jewelry, so when I saw this charming Ruby Slippers Necklace in their shop (and saw that I could afford it), I knew it must be mine. It now is. Nothing brightens one's day like a new pair of ruby slippers (in any form).

Yes, I realize this is entering obsession/addiction territory. I honestly don't acquire everything that features a pair of ruby reds...just a lot of things.

Jan 9, 2012

The Wonderful Witches of Oz Stilettos

By pure coincidence, I had three ruby slipper-themed posts in mind, so I decided to add two more and make it unofficial Ruby Slippers Week. Which, as far as I'm concerned, is a brilliant idea and should culminate in my my receiving a brand-new pair of sparkly shoes. So let's kick off Ruby Slippers Week!

I know I mentioned Cybertosh's fabulous replica ruby slippers ages ago, but I recently revisited his Etsy store and found an even cooler design he's dubbed the Witches of Oz stiletto, which combines the classic ruby slipper design with a higher heel that references the Wicked Witch of the East's infamous striped stockings. In the years since I last blogged about his gorgeous shoes, I still have not managed to acquire a pair (I'm so skittish about ordering shoes without being able to try them on first), but I think I'm glad I held off—I like this new design even better than the original!

Jan 6, 2012

The Art is Watching You

Haha! I love the googly-eyed creations of Timm Schneider. I never before realized that, with the mere addition of some eyes and a partially eaten cookie, a recycling bin can be a dead ringer for Cookie Monster. Simple yet clever.

Via Colossal.

Jan 5, 2012

Design for Your Dishwasher

You know how stemware always flops around in the dishwasher and clatters and clinks and you know that, even if it doesn't break outright, it'll definitely wind up sideways, filled with a pool of dirty dishwater? And you have two choices: hope for the best and probably wind up re-rinsing the glasses, or scratch the whole dishwasher idea and wash them by hand. Well, not anymore. Enter Tether, a set of flexible plastic rods that attach to both the dishwasher and the stemware to stabilize your glasses. Frankly, they seem a little overpriced ($15 for a set of four), but I guess you can charge what you want when you're the only provider. And if they save you from broken glasses, they're probably a worthwhile investment.


Jan 4, 2012

So Much for White Space

This is so cool. Artist Yayoi Kusama created an installation called The Obliteration Room for the Look Now, See Forever exhibit at the Queensland Art Gallery. It begins as a pristine white room, furnished entirely in white. Like so:

...and then the stickers come out. Over the course of two weeks, children who visited the exhibit were given colored dot stickers and invited to customize the space. The end result is staggering—it doesn't even look like the same room! See?

As I said, pretty freaking cool. Found via Colossal.

Jan 2, 2012

Firefly and Free Speech

So I saw this posted on Boing Boing about a week ago and finally got around to watching it—it's interesting from the perspective of both a supporter of Firefly and free speech. My takeaway, however, was not just that the police and university were wrong and the professor was well within his rights, nor that Neil Gaiman is awesome, nor that Firefly fans are a formidable, slightly obsessive bunch. My revelation occurred around 2:47, when I noticed something in the background: this Mucha-inspired Wanted poster of Yo-Saff-Bridge.

A bit of searching later, and I found it for sale here. I think I must have it. I also kinda want both the Firefly Les Femmes and Firefly Les Hommes poster sets. Mal looks so dreamy, and the Wash poster truly did make me laugh out loud. Given how many posters I currently own that still need framing, I will probably restrain myself to just the Saffron one, though. Also, owning all of them might look just a tad obsessive.

This Jewelry'll Just Slay Ya!

Every time I look for one thing on Etsy, I find a dozen more I want. This time it's the stainless steel jewelry of Fable & Fury. Although I have a soft spot for jackalopes, I think I prefer the amusing REDRUM and intricate pirate ship necklaces. The prices aren't bad at all, either. I love unique jewelry that I can actually afford.