Jan 2, 2012

Firefly and Free Speech

So I saw this posted on Boing Boing about a week ago and finally got around to watching it—it's interesting from the perspective of both a supporter of Firefly and free speech. My takeaway, however, was not just that the police and university were wrong and the professor was well within his rights, nor that Neil Gaiman is awesome, nor that Firefly fans are a formidable, slightly obsessive bunch. My revelation occurred around 2:47, when I noticed something in the background: this Mucha-inspired Wanted poster of Yo-Saff-Bridge.

A bit of searching later, and I found it for sale here. I think I must have it. I also kinda want both the Firefly Les Femmes and Firefly Les Hommes poster sets. Mal looks so dreamy, and the Wash poster truly did make me laugh out loud. Given how many posters I currently own that still need framing, I will probably restrain myself to just the Saffron one, though. Also, owning all of them might look just a tad obsessive.

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Pixie said...

Nice. :-)