Feb 29, 2012

A Half Shell of Your Own

Sure, it's a little costumey (especially if you decide to wear one of the four masks that come with it), but I kinda love this TMNT backpack. Still, I don't think I was ever quite enough of a Ninja Turtle fan to warrant wearing it.

Interesting side note: For years I misheard the lyrics as "heroes on the half shell" instead of "heroes in a half shell." I obviously had turtles confused with oysters.

Feb 28, 2012

A Tatty Travesty

This is really shitty. Claire's, the cheap accessories chain beloved by mall-going tweens everywhere, has produced knockoffs of several of Tatty Devine's most iconic designs. I do understand the concept of the homage or the idea of drawing inspiration from another designer's work...but this is just blatant plagiarism. Tatty Devine's dinosaur necklace, for instance, is pretty damn distinctive. I don't believe the folks at Claire's just stumbled onto the same idea. Executed the same way (except mass produced in China instead of handmade in England). And at the same time that they produced another design suspiciously similar to one of Tatty Devine's products (the fishbone necklace). When fans of Tatty Devine and, you know, originality complained on Claire's Facebook page, the comments were evidently removed and the users blocked. Now that's customer service!

Thanks to this incident, I'm now sufficiently motivated to a) never again shop at Claire's (okay, not like I did much after the age of 14 anyway) and b) save up for a new Tatty Devine bauble. Maybe the gin necklace or the lobster necklace. Or maybe I'll go all out and get the rhinestone-bedecked lobster giant necklace. Although probably not. That one's awesome, but not quite so practical....

Feb 27, 2012

Feb 24, 2012

Disney Characters in Real Life

Pretty cool. Graphic designer Jirka Väätäinen has created a series of real-life Disney characters. The relevant images are scattered throughout her blog, but there's a slideshow of most of them here. They're in the same vein as those untooned characters that have been popping up all over the internets for a couple of years now, but look rather more realistic and therefore less creepy. Of course, I suppose it's easier to make a normal-looking Pocahontas when the animated character was intended to look realistic, unlike the highly stylized Homer Simpson, for instance. So yeah. Nifty. Still a little bit unnerving, but only a little. And it would be kind of awesome if she could turn a portrait of you into your favorite Disney princess or something. (Yes, I'm looking for any excuse to bust out the tiaras.)

Feb 23, 2012

Dr. Swanson

And this is what would happen if Parks & Recreation's Ron Swanson wrote a Dr. Seuss-ish book. I would buy it, wouldn't you?

Feb 21, 2012

CD Creatures

Wow. Australian artist Sean Avery makes the most amazing animal sculptures from CDs. So cool. I love the shiny, polychromatic peregrine falcon, the adorable rat, and the steampunky squid, which seems to be comprised largely of circuit boards. And I completely appreciate the amount of work that must have gone into these creations—I've made some jewelry out of CDs before, and it is not easy. They want to crack and shatter most inconveniently. Dude is obviously both talented and patient.

Via Colossal.

Feb 20, 2012

If Cats Were Fonts

This was brought to my attention last week, so of course I had to share: cats as fonts. I thought maybe it was going to be like the llama font thing, but no. But it is hilarious.

Thanks, Michael!

Feb 17, 2012

The Big Friendly Postage

Oh, how cool! In commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the publication of The BFG, Royal Mail released a set of Roald Dahl stamps last month, featuring the whimsical Quentin Blake illustrations of six of Dahl's best-known books. How nifty. Unfortunately, these stamps are only going to be of use to you if you're sending mail from England. Still, everyone can appreciate them from afar, right?

Via NOTCOT. Now I want to go reread The Witches.

Feb 16, 2012

Tricksy Little Zipper Pull

I'm totally not going to comment on the legality of this item (mainly because I don't know), but it seems like kind of a rad thing to own, even if you (hopefully) never need to use it: a handcuff key zipper pull. That's right. It's a normal zipper pull you can attach to any old zipper...or is it? Aha! It is not! For inside said normal zipper pull is contained a hidden handcuff key. Get it and feel just like James Bond, if Bond wore a parka instead of a tuxedo.

Feb 15, 2012

Heartbreaking Hallelujah

Of course I've heard Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" before (everyone and his brother's covered it), but I somehow had never heard this exquisite Jeff Buckley version until last Sunday. In a yoga class, actually. I liked it so much that I asked the instructor who it was. Hence I've been discovering Jeff Buckley. Admittedly, I'm not nearly as enamored of his other stuff as I am of his "Hallelujah," but he was clearly talented, and it's a shame he died so young.

Just had to share what is going to become an immediate addition to my "heartbreakingly beautiful" playlist.

Feb 14, 2012

To Sleep, Perchance Through Meals

This is a genius idea: a double-sided sleep mask that lets flight attendants know whether you want to be left alone to sleep or awakened for meals. With all of the traveling I've been doing lately, I feel like this would have come in handy many times over.

Via Better Living Through Design.

Feb 13, 2012

Striking Stuff From Strongstuff

I'm always a sucker for alternative posters for well-known movies, sometimes because they're so bizarre, sometimes clever, sometimes stylish. And sometimes they indicate opportunities that the original studio/artist missed, for one reason or another (usually commercialism). Anyway, that's a long way of getting to my point, which is that I think these punchy retro designs by strongstuff (artist Tom Whelan) are fabulous. You can also find his designs on deviantART, tumblr, and Behance (and you can follow him on Twitter. The accounts seem to all contain slightly different content and/or get updated at slightly different times, so I figured what the hell, I'll include 'em all. Whelan has a limited number of prints for sale, too. None of my favorites are currently available, sadly. Which may be for the best, really. I have far too many posters that I need to get framed and eventually on a wall. At this rate I'll run out of wall space before I've even framed the art I already own.

Feb 10, 2012

Sterling Archer Draper Price. It's a Thing.

I heartily enjoy both Mad Men and Archer, and Sterling Archer Draper Pryce niftily combines both. Giggles ensue. Note: If you haven't seen one show or the other, don't bother reading the blog until you've mended your ways and caught up on both. It'll make no sense otherwise. If you've watched both, I guarantee hilarity.

Feb 9, 2012

Lovely Luminescence

So there's yet another chandelier I want to add to my (future) collection: the gorgeous Skyphos, designed by Kateřina Smolíková. Inspired by the bioluminescence and delicacy of jellyfish, Skyphos justifiably earned Smolíková—a student at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague—an Outstanding Student Design Award. Just breathtaking.

Thanks for sending me the link, Christine!

Feb 8, 2012

Sloth Love

As I've mentioned before, I love sloths. I find them utterly endearing, and not at all sinful. Naturally, when I saw NOTCOT's post about baby sloths getting baths, I had to watch. And then share it...

...which led me in turn to the video aptly titled Kristen Bell's Sloth Meltdown. Much as the previous video further cemented my love of sloths, this one cemented by love for Kristen Bell.

Feb 7, 2012

Presenting Blue Marble

Just in case anyone hasn't seen it (it's been all over the internet and I've been slow to post), you should absolutely check out a several new high-res photo published by NASA. Dubbed Blue Marble, the photo is the "most amazing highest resolution image of Earth ever” according to NASA (not that I'm disputing it!) and is in fact a composite of multiple photos taken by the Suomi NPP satellite on January 4, 2012.

Found on Colossal...and everywhere else.

Feb 6, 2012

Geeky, Crafty, Bloody

The traveling has calmed down a bit and I'm temporarily ensconced in my friends' guest room. So I finally have the time to reactivate the blog—yay! I know this will be a great relief to those of you who've been lamenting the lack of lolcats and chandeliers in your lives. Hey, it's possible.

Anyway, I've been doing some part-time blogging for Geek Crafts (usually just one post a week), but this past Friday marked my first official Friday Roundup post, which I thought would be of interest here, too. It's a collection of the finest bloody jewelry I could find—and that's not for emphasis, that's bloody as in blood. Sure, it's gory. But it's glamorous gore, so it's okay.