Feb 24, 2012

Disney Characters in Real Life

Pretty cool. Graphic designer Jirka Väätäinen has created a series of real-life Disney characters. The relevant images are scattered throughout her blog, but there's a slideshow of most of them here. They're in the same vein as those untooned characters that have been popping up all over the internets for a couple of years now, but look rather more realistic and therefore less creepy. Of course, I suppose it's easier to make a normal-looking Pocahontas when the animated character was intended to look realistic, unlike the highly stylized Homer Simpson, for instance. So yeah. Nifty. Still a little bit unnerving, but only a little. And it would be kind of awesome if she could turn a portrait of you into your favorite Disney princess or something. (Yes, I'm looking for any excuse to bust out the tiaras.)

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