Feb 28, 2012

A Tatty Travesty

This is really shitty. Claire's, the cheap accessories chain beloved by mall-going tweens everywhere, has produced knockoffs of several of Tatty Devine's most iconic designs. I do understand the concept of the homage or the idea of drawing inspiration from another designer's work...but this is just blatant plagiarism. Tatty Devine's dinosaur necklace, for instance, is pretty damn distinctive. I don't believe the folks at Claire's just stumbled onto the same idea. Executed the same way (except mass produced in China instead of handmade in England). And at the same time that they produced another design suspiciously similar to one of Tatty Devine's products (the fishbone necklace). When fans of Tatty Devine and, you know, originality complained on Claire's Facebook page, the comments were evidently removed and the users blocked. Now that's customer service!

Thanks to this incident, I'm now sufficiently motivated to a) never again shop at Claire's (okay, not like I did much after the age of 14 anyway) and b) save up for a new Tatty Devine bauble. Maybe the gin necklace or the lobster necklace. Or maybe I'll go all out and get the rhinestone-bedecked lobster giant necklace. Although probably not. That one's awesome, but not quite so practical....

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