Apr 18, 2012

Ring-A-Day (And I Want 'Em All)

I don't know if this proliferation of X-a-day projects have been as a result of Noah Scalin's excellent Skull-a-Day initiative or if that project just sorta jumpstarted the subsequent spate of projects, but there have been some great spinoffs. Case in point: Herbert Hoover's (no, not that one) Ring-A-Day, which is a bit like Skull-A-Day but comprised mainly of jewelry I want to own (a definite plus). Fortunately, he has an online shop, plus an Etsy shop...unfortunately, several of my favorites (the CMYK rings, the RGB rings, the laser diamond ring, and the laser graffiti ring) aren't available in either of his shops. Yet. Perhaps I shall pester him charmingly until he makes them available for sale.

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